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69 UMS students complete Community Programme at S’wak longhouse
Tarikh : 23 Nov 2019  Sumber Berita: Daily Express

SIBU: The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Heritage (FKSW), Universiti Malaysia Sabah, recently completed a Community Programme with the residents of the Jelian Longhouse, Siong Pasai, here (pic).

The programme attended by students accompanied by FKSW lecturer, Dr. Mohammad Tahir Mapa was held in conjunction with the programme of Nature Exploration and Community Service which entrusts that they perform a five-day and four-night field work in the Sibu town area.

According to the Programme Director, Cecelia Ejah Anak Nicholas, the programme was aimed at getting a closer look at the customs and atmosphere of the longhouse especially the Iban people while fostering friendships with the longtime residents of the Jelian Longhouse.

“It is my hope that this programme will provide us with new experiences and knowledge while also building a good relationship with the long term community.”

“We would like to thank everyone especially the programme secretaries and residents of the Jelian Longhouse for welcoming the students from UMS to implement the programme while providing excellent service,” Cecilia said.

Prior to the start of the programme, all students had a meeting with representatives of the Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) in Wisma Sanyan, as preliminary disclosures on waste management and programmes conducted around Sibu.

In the meantime, the Tuai Rumah, Jelian Anak Nayor gave his appreciation to UMS’ commitment to come into the longhouse and to conduct a lively community-based sporting event.

“We are very fortunate that UMS has chosen this longhouse as the venue and we hope that this programme will give awareness to longhouse residents about the importance of better managing waste for the benefit of the community here,” said Jelian.

In addition to community sports activities, the Jelian Longhouse Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) also held exhibitions on customary clothing, light dishes and handmade handicrafts.

Other than that, two students also had the opportunity to share their knowledge and knowledge of waste management in the longhouse area, before the programme concluded with the presentation of prizes concurrently with a sports telematch that was held simultaneously during the event.