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Putting an end to illegal dumping
Tarikh : 19 Oct 2020  Sumber Berita: The Star (Andy Chua)

A pile of construction waste left at a site in Jalan Tebu.A pile of construction waste left at a site in Jalan Tebu.

SIBU: The illegal dumping of construction waste at road shoulders here is getting out of hand and Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) will be taking stern action to stop this irresponsible act.

SMC Building Control and Town Beautification Committee chairman Joseph Chieng said the dumping was going on despite the council clearing the site regularly.

“It has become a habit among the public as every time we clear the waste, they continue to dump more, ” he lamented.

He said to solve this problem, the council would be implementing a renovation permit policy that was fully supported by Local Government and Housing Ministry.

Under this policy, he said, contractors must apply for a permit to carry out construction works.

“With the permit, they must rent bins to discard their construction debris.

“The council will then collect the bins and send the waste to the Kemuyang public landfill, ” he elaborated.

He said that before the policy was implemented, expected to be at the end of the year, the council would hold briefings for developers and the public.

SMC chairman Clarence Ting urged the public to send their recyclable domestic waste to private recycling companies.

“There are many of these centres in town.

“They pay the public for recyclable items, ” he said.