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SMC to implement Wheel Clamping System on Saturday
Tarikh : 30 Jul 2020  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online (Othman Ishak)

Ting (centre) together with Bujang (third right) and other councillors during the press conference.Ting (centre) together with Bujang (third right) and other councillors during the press conference.

SIBU: The Wheel Clamping System will be implemented by Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) on Aug 1 at Sibu Central Market.

SMC chairman Clarence Ting said under this system SMC will clamp vehicles that have been parked illegally for two nights and beyond.

“As announced in our official Facebook page, the council is giving grace period to members of the public to have awareness of the clamping of vehicles for illegal parking and will start to implement the Wheel Clamping System on 1 August.

“Thus, vehicle owners or drivers whose vehicles have been clamped would have to contact our council officer or security guard at 1st floor of Sibu Central Market if they want to release their vehicle,” he said at a press conference held at the SMC Chairman Office in Wisma Sanyan yesterday.

The press conference was held after the SMC full council meeting, which was also attended by SMC deputy chairman Bujang Abdul Majid.

“There will not be any penalty charged to the owners or drivers.

“If the owners or drivers of the locked-out vehicles damage or remove the Wheel Clamping System or attempt to move the locked-out vehicle, the owners or drivers will be liable to pay an indemnity to the
management and replace the damaged wheel clamping system,” he added.

Ting said other incidental expenses and legal cost might be included to ensure compliance with the by-law.

“The council will not be responsible for any damage to the locked-out vehicles due to the owners or drivers moving the vehicles without any permission,” he pointed out.

Ting said the council had purchased 10 clamps for the system.