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Public encouraged to shop for festival goodies at Sibu Central Market
Tarikh : 21 May 2020  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online (Othman Ishak)

SIBU: Members of the public here are encouraged to shop for their Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Gawai Dayak festive goods at Sibu Central Market as the queue is smooth and manageable.

The Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) Market and Petty Traders Standing Committee chairman councillor Albert Tiang, however, said they can only enter the central market through its five main entrances as part of the effort to contain Covid-19 and for crowd control.

(From left) Jiram, Bujang and Tiang monitor the queue at Sibu Central Market.(From left) Jiram, Bujang and Tiang monitor the queue at Sibu Central Market.

“The council has cordoned off all the side entrances of the central market since Tuesday.

“We are here this morning to monitor the queue at the market,” he said when met at Sibu Central Market yesterday.

Tiang, added, from now on, customers who enter through any of the entrances would have their body temperature taken.

“Initially, everyone entering the central market must have their name registered and their temperature taken.

“We did test run on Monday and Tuesday. We found out that there is a problem because the queue was getting worse.

“We had a meeting Tuesday and the council had decided that effective Wednesday (yesterday), only body temperature taking and crowd control will be done. No name registration is required,” he said.

He added that the measures were taken following a request from the police due to overcrowding on Sunday.

“After two days of test run, we found out that the previous measure had affected the whole business operations at Sibu Central Market and caused long queues.

“Thus, it is not effective in crowd control. In fact, it made it worse,” he added.

Tiang said they expected the crowd to build up one or two days before the celebrations for last minute shopping.

“However, we are happy to note that the locals are very cooperative by adhering to the measures under the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) such as body temperature taking, social distancing and hand sanitising,” he added.

Meanwhile, SMC deputy chairman Bujang Zainuddin Abdul Majid, who was present, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the public for their close cooperation.

“The same goes to the police and SMC staff who had been working very hard to help make sure that everything goes smoothly as planned,” he added.

A member of the SMC Market and Petty Traders Standing Committee, Jiram Mardan, was also present.