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Sibu Central Market hawkers open on rotation basis
Tarikh : 20 Mar 2020  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online

Traders will open on rotation at the market until March 31.Traders will open on rotation at the market until March 31.

SIBU: Hawkers at the Sibu Central Market began opening their businesses on a rotation basis from yesterday.

Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) market and petty traders standing committee chairman Albert Tiang said the system will continue throughout the movement control order until March 31, as part of the council’s efforts to prevent having too many people in the market at one time.

“For now, hawkers would open their stalls alternately. For example, let’s say today (yesterday), we only required hawkers at a row to operate today, the hawkers at the next row should not open. The next day, we will change the rows,” he said when contacted.

“We have about 880 hawkers operating at the ground floor. That means, for the next two weeks, only about 400 stalls will operate daily.”

He said under this system, the hawkers could also practise social distancing.

Tiang pointed out that only hawkers licensed by SMC could operate, thus unlicensed Pasar Tamu and Sunday Market traders are not allowed to open.

Meanwhile, all the food stalls at Sibu Central Market’s first floor have also closed for the duration of the movement control order.

SMC also cordoned off the tables and chairs to prevent the public from using them.

Meanwhile, Sibu Central Market Hawkers Association executive advisor Yiing Chung Ming said there was initial confusion among traders as it was not clear which stalls should operate first.

“Everything we know is from the newspapers only. There is no other information. You should give us clear instructions and give us time to plan,” he complained.

He said the sudden announcement of the movement control order has made things hard for traders, especially those selling fresh food.

“We need to abide by the directive from the council and the government.

“However, for us in this business, once we start the work, we cannot stop.

“All this fresh food supply, we need to clear our stock first or else where can we put them? We cannot throw them away,” he said.

According to Yiing, businesses have been badly affected due to the closure of many coffeeshops and eateries.