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Food court traders harness digital platform during MCO
Tarikh : 23 Mar 2020  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online (Peter Boon)

The closed stalls at Taman Selera Harmoni in SibuThe closed stalls at Taman Selera Harmoni in Sibu

SIBU: Several IT-savvy hawkers at Taman Selera Harmoni here are turning to the digital platform to fulfil their customers’ orders.

Abdul Taib Rosli
Abdul Taib Rosli

These traders are now engaging mobile applications such as Food Panda to deliver meals to their customers.

According to Taman Selera Harmoni Sibu Muslim Traders Association chairman Abdul Taib Rosli, many stalls at the food court here are closed during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, enforced to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.

Those that do open are not allowed to provide dine-in for their customers – only takeaway orders are permitted during the MCO.

“About 13 stalls are open (at Taman Selera Harmoni), where they only provide takeaways or food deliveries, in compliance with the MCO.

“Furthermore, they are using the digital platform to fulfil their customers’ orders, as a way for them to make up for losses incurred due to not being able to accommodate dine-in customers.

“Using the Internet, these traders can stay connected with their customers,” he said, praising the traders for their creative approach in supplementing their incomes during this period.

However, Abdul Taib admitted that there were times when those providing the meal deliveries would have their hands full.

“That is why the association has discussed with freelance food delivery providers to provide the back-up should the need arise,” he said, adding that of the 50 stalls in Taman Selera Harmoni, 45 are selling food and drinks – the remaining ones are selling various merchandise.

Meanwhile Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting, on his Facebook post yesterday, said based on the councillors’ monitoring, there was nobody dining at the Ling Kai Cheng area, while the popular Sunday Market remained closed.

“Local traders also lament about the slow business.

“But I think during dark times like this, I urge everyone to think more about their own health and that of their families first.

“Let’s all work together to rid Sibu of this disease quickly,” Ting said.

The Local Government and Housing Ministry has ordered all food premises and stalls to close by 8pm daily during the MCO period.