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Reopen traffic entry point from Brooke Drive, Bukit Assek rep tells SMC
Tarikh : 06 Jun 2018  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online

Irene Chang

SIBU: The entry point from Brooke Drive into Keranji Road here should be reopened to filter the traffic flowing from Brooke Drive into Kampung Nyabor Road, Bukit Assek assemblywoman Irene Chang suggests to Sibu Municipal Council (SMC).

The elected representative, in a press statement yesterday, said the reopening of that traffic light entry point would allow motorists to manoeuvre along the merging distance, through the control of traffic volume and the speed of vehicles on the road.

She said the junction – particularly the entry point – needed to be reopened to divert more vehicles into Keranji Road, especially those heading towards the public library, SMK Methodist and the surrounding areas there.

“This would minimise traffic congestion along Brooke Drive turning into Raminway and the traffic congestion at the front gate of SMK Methodist, as vehicles heading to the school and surrounding areas would have an alternative route besides Tun Abang Haji Openg Road.

“With both the entry point and traffic lights at the junction of Brooke Drive and Keranji Road reinstated, it would provide the shortest, safest and most convenient route for traffic coming from Oya Road and Brooke Drive and going to the public library, Alliance Bank, SMK Methodist and Telekom.”

Chang also said the people appreciated the good intention of the authority to improve the traffic flow, but changes needed to be studied to avoid turning such implementation into public inconvenience.

“The proposed change to close the junction to Keranji Road might worsen the situation in the long run for the shop owners at the area,” she said, noting the difficulty and inconvenience for the public to access the shops and offices in Tunku Osman area.

“This would result in the depreciation in the value of the properties there.

“My enquiries with the relevant authorities put the estimated depreciation in value of each shoplot at around RM30,000. So that would cause the estimated decline in value of all the shoplots there to be around RM1.8 million,” she pointed out.

Chang said the figure did not include the value of the public library, which is owned by SMC.

“I shall be writing an official letter to SMC, requesting them to reconsider their proposal,” she said.