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The Official Website of
Sibu Municipal Council

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Committee System

The mode by which the Council conducts its business is through the Committee system. There are at present eight (8) Standing Committee as follows :-

  1. Building Control & Town Beautification

  2. General Purposes & Community Services

  3. Markets & Petty Traders

  4. Planning, Finance & Establishment

  5. Public Health, Environment & Municipal Services

  6. Social & Community Development

  7. Tender Board

  8. Works and Traffic

All the above eight (8) Committees normally hold meeting once in a month. The Committees may appoint sub-committees to deal with specific matters e.g. Selection Sub-Committee which is appointed by Planning, Finance & Establishment Committee to interview and select applicants for filling Council's vacant posts, if any.

All the Committees have to table reports of resolutions made by them at the Full Council Meeting which is normally held once monthly for adoption before implementing them by Council staff.

Members of the Committee consist of Councillors and among them one Chairman and Vice-Chairman are appointed to lead each Committee.

Committee System