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The Official Website of
Sibu Municipal Council

Chairman's MessageChairman's Message


YBhg Datuk Tiong Thai King (Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council)We have come  to the information age, which has changed many facets of our lives. Advancement in information technology has changed the way we communicate and the way we do things. Information dissemination has become fast, efficient and borderless.

As the Local Government in Sibu, Sibu Municipal Council will be transparent to the people with respect to its roles, functions, plans and activities. Such transparency will work towards promoting better relationship and avoiding unnecessary misunderstanding on the policies and practices of the council. Apart from keeping the people informed, it also acts as a channel for two (2) way communications. People can voice their feedback and opinion to the council through Feedback/Comment  page in the web page. We welcome constructive suggestions and feedback should you have any.

We hope that this web page would be useful for the general public to get to know your local authority betters. Let us work hand in hand towards a better tomorrow for Sibu.

Thank you.

YB Datuk Tiong Thai King
Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council