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The Official Website of
Sibu Municipal Council

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Vision, Mission & SMC Transformation Framework
Major Policy
Role And Function

In the process to improve the living standard and the urban environment, Sibu Municipal Council has been bold enough to make some painful but rewarding policy decisions. These major policy decisions received wide spread resistance initially. However, through careful education, active persuasion and consultation, we were able to convince the people. Today, time proves that all decisions are made for the general well being of the people.

  • Freezing issuance of hawker license since 1991

  • Control of display of goods at five-foot ways since 1993

  • Regularisation exercise of illegal buildings since 1994

  • Freezing issuance of karaoke license since November 1996

  • Clearing of street hawkers at side and back lanes and the waterfront

  • Regularisation exercise of illegal hotels and lodging houses

  • Prohibition of placing refuse bins on road verges during non-collection hours

  • Impounding of stray dogs in public areas

  • Prohibition of poultry rearing in residential areas