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Last Update: 29 Jan 2020
Version 8.2.2
Role And FunctionRole And Function
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Sibu Municipal Council is committed to providing quality services to the Sibu community in four key areas :-

  • Developing A Sense Of Community

  • Facilities Management

  • Infrastructure Services

  • Municipal Services

Developing A Sense Of Community

Sibu Municipal Council has an important responsibility to promote and nurture a sense of civic consciousness and pride at all levels throughout the Sibu community. People must be encouraged to feel a sense of ownership and belonging of their town - it's infrastructure, services and facilities.

  • A Regulatory Role

    Sibu Municipal Council therefore has to define by-laws and regulations which support this development of a sense of community. Sibu Municipal Council's regulatory role is not designed to constrain, restrict or limit the freedom or quality of life of the community - rather it is to encourage a sense of community and to protect it from the potential deprivations by just a few.

  • An Education Role

    Sibu Municipal Council has a responsibility to disseminate and communicate these by-laws and regulations to the community at large, proactively endeavouring to educate the community as to how these by-laws and regulations will benefit them.

  • An Enforcement Role

    A necessary adjunct to this regulatory role is Sibu Municipal Council's role as an enforcer, to ensure that the Sibu community as a whole is protected and nurtured against minority, selfish and self-interest.

Facilities Management

  • Bus Terminal & Shelters

  • Car Parking

  • Markets & Hawker Centres

  • Municipal Tip/Dump

  • Parks

    • Nursery

    • Town Beautification

  • Public Library

  • Public Toilets

  • Recreation

    • Neighbourhood Community Centres

    • Sports Stadium

    • Swimming Pool

  • Slaughterhouse

Infrastructure Services

We are committed to the sustained development and maintenance of community infrastructure services, which include :-

  • Bus Stops, Shelters & Terminals

  • Development Projects

  • Drains

  • Pedestrian Walkways & Footpaths

  • Roads

    • Construction of new roads

    • Effective traffic control

    • Provision of directional signs

  • Street Lighting

Municipal Services

The municipal services that we provide are the traditional services of council, but are still vital to ensure integrated quality of life and community development :-

  • Building Control

    • Processing Building Plans

    • Unauthorised Structures

  • Counter Services

  • Grass Cutting & Road Verge Maintenance

  • Licensing

  • Prevention & Enforcement Services

  • Public Health & Vector Control

  • Rating & Valuation

    • House Numbering

    • Road Naming

  • Roads Maintenance

  • Scavenging, Refuse Collection & Waste Disposal

  • Sewerage & Drainage Maintenance