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The Official Website of
Sibu Municipal Council

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Vision, Mission & SMC Transformation Framework
Major Policy
Role And Function

To be efficient and effective, one must have clearly defined principles of practice. These principles provide guidelines for us to carry out our tasks in a consistent manner. In addition, the principles would drive a clear message to the people how council will address local issues and problems. This will help to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and also help to generate enthusiastic support and commitment of all those working closely with the council.

Proactive And Innovative Leadership

As the local authority in Sibu, Sibu Municipal Council will provide the leadership role to ensure a clean, beautiful, healthy and well-planned Sibu. We believe in proactive leadership where we act to visualise and anticipate the issues and challenges ahead. Thereafter we plan and prepare to tackle them before they come. Sitting back and solve issues and problems as they arise is too reactive for efficiency.

In addition, we need to be innovative. Gone are the days when we always choose to remain status quo and championing our traditions and bureaucracy. The fast changing scenario nowadays demand that we move along with changes. We should be bold and flexible enough to change the status quo for better alternatives.

The 4 F's Formula (Fair, Firm, Fast And Flexible)

We strongly believe that the 4 F's (Fair, Firm, Fast and Flexible) are the principles that should be adopted in dealing with people.

Firstly, one must be fair to all parties in making a decision. Double standards would never work. To enhance that, we will be transparent in all our dealings. A decision once made must be firmly adhered to without fear or favour. We should also act and implement fast on any decisions made. Procrastination will only portray one's hesitation or even inability and lack of confidence to face a situation. However, in dealing with public issues or during implementation, council will be flexible to listen and reconsider the majority's view or fine tune the implementation.

Working In Smart Partnership

It is very important for Sibu Municipal Council to work closely with all the parties involved as a cohesive team. Everyone involved should regard each other as partners in harnessing efforts to make Sibu a better place.

In that sense, politicians including all the ministers, people representatives and Sibu Municipal Council councillors provide the directions and policy decisions. Sibu Municipal Council staff implements the decisions through co-operation and assistance from other government agencies and contractors. The press would help in disseminating information correctly to the people, which will help to avoid misunderstandings and garner full co-operation from the public. The people at the receiving end shall in return give their full support to the council. Time has come for the people and NGOs to assume a more proactive role in trying to participate in decisions affecting them wherever appropriate.

In that spirit of teamwork, no one should find fault or blame other parties but give constructive views and suggestions to improve any shortcomings that might arise. All parties must adopt a holistic view in dealing with issues and concerns on Sibu rather than allowing individual sentiments to come into play.

To promote and maintain this smart partnership, we are taking the following steps :-

  • Regular educational and awareness programmes on the roles and functions of the council;

  • Regular press conferences on council policies and decisions to ensure that there is no misunderstanding while upholding the utmost level of transparency;

  • Regular dialogues with the relevant parties to discuss and listen to views pertaining to relevant issues; and

  • Reinforcing hotline to attend to public complaints and enquiries effectively.