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Last Update: 21 Jan 2020
Version 8.2.2
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The Kenyalang represents the State Government.

The name of the town Sibu is derived from 'buah Sibau', a local fruit as shown carried by the Kenyalang.

The kris on the left side of the crest represents the Malay Community.

The tree represents the town which is the economic centre where cocoa, rubber, pepper, sago, palm-oil and timber are exported.

SMC Logo

The shield represents the Dayak Community.

The white hand with an axe represents the people of Sibu Town who are very industrious, ambitious, honest, hospitable and generous.

The dragon around the crest below represents the Chinese Community.

The blue water below the crest represents the Rejang River, which is one of the most important waterways in Sarawak and on its bank Sibu stands.

Thus, the shield, the kris and the dragon represents a united people, together for a better Sibu.