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The Official Website of
Sibu Municipal Council

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Sibu Municipal Board Sibu Urban District Council (SUDC) Sibu Municipal Council (SMC)

The Sibu Municipal Board was formed on Saturday, January 31, 1925 and continued as Department of the Central Government till Monday, January 01, 1934 when Kuching Municipal By-laws issued under the Order No. M. 7 (Municipal) 1933 were adopted for the Sibu Municipal area. The Board consisted of the Resident of third division as the Chairman. The then Municipal Officer was the Sibu District Officer. Other official members of the then Sibu Municipality were the Sibu Divisional Engineer, the Superintendent of Sibu Lands & Surveys and the Sibu Divisional Medical Officer. Unofficial members also known as Sibu Municipal Commissioners were nominated from amongst the heads of various communities.