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Tema: Biru dan Hijau Tema: Biru dan Hijau Tema: Merah Tema: Hijau
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Kemaskini Pada: 17 Okt 2018
Versi 8.1.2
Sebut Harga/Tender Tarikh Tutup
Tender No. ENG/T/14/2019 : Supply and Delivery of Landscape Plants and Planting for Sibu Municipal Council

Tender No. ENG/T/15/2019 : Town Area Landscape Maintenance for Sibu Municipal Council (CBD Area)

Tender No. ENG/T/16/2019 : Town Area Landscape Maintenance for Sibu Municipal Council (Protocol Areas) ZONE 1

Tender No. ENG/T/17/2019 : Town Area Landscape Maintenance for Sibu Municipal Council (Protocol Areas) ZONE 2

Tender No. ENG/T/18/2019 : Landscape Maintenance for LAMAW 1

Tender No. ENG/T/19/2019 : Landscape Maintenance for LAMAW 2

Tender No. ENG/T/20/2019 : Landscape Maintenance for Sibu Lake Garden & Friendship Garden

Tender No. ENG/T/21/2019 : Operation Management & Landscape Maintenance for Taman Jubli Bukit Aup, Sibu Municipal Council

Tender No. ENG/T/22/2019 : Tree & Palm Maintenance within Sibu Municipal Council's Jurisdiction

Tender No. ENG/T/23/2019 : Cleanliness maintenance at SMC Parks (Wong Nai Siong Square, Sungai Merah Heritage Walk & Hoover Garden, Bukit Lima Sport Complex, Kutien Garden, Rejang Park Traffic Garden, Lake Garden Phase 1, 2 & 3, CBD Area-Sibu Gateway & Ling Clan Swan Garden, Sibu Walk, Sibu Town Square Phase 1 Including Chuang Corridor, Stage Area & Basement Carpark, Town Square Phase 2 Including Lau King Howe Hospital Memorial Museum Compound, Rejang Esplanade and Hii Garden)

Tender No. ENG/T/34/2018 : Rental of PA, Sound and Lighting System (Main Stage) for New Year Count Down at Sibu Town Square on 31st December 2018

sebelum 12 tengahari, Isnin, 29.10.2018

Quotation No. Q/ENG/22/2018 : Installation Of Underground G.I. Pipe And Detector Loop For Varies Traffic Light Junction, Sibu

sebelum 12 tengahari, Rabu, 17.10.2018