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Photo of litterbugs in Sibu will be published in the media
Tarikh : 03 Jul 2017  Sumber Berita: The Star Online

oleh Andy Chua.

A banner warning people that littering now carries a RM500 fine.

A banner warning people that littering now carries a RM500 fine.

SIBU: Litterbugs in this town will no longer be able to get away scot-free as CCTV footage will be used to catch them in the act.

This was to support the Sibu Municipal Council’s (SMC) efforts in keeping the town clean, following the anti-littering by-law which came into effect on Saturday where those caught littering will be fined RM500.

The compound fee imposed previously was only RM20 which was not a deterrent for litterbugs.

SMC chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King revealed over the weekend that litterbugs caught on camera would have their image published in newspapers and they are to come forward to pay the RM500 compound.

“With effect from July 1, anyone caught littering will be issued a compound of RM500.

“Any compound not paid will be brought to court,” he said.

Currently, there are a total of 74 units of CCTV cameras in the central business district and also at major roads and residential areas.

Since last month, the council has been putting up over 40 banners in strategic areas to remind the public of the RM500 compound fee.

Besides that, 24 “No littering” signs have been placed at various road junctions.

Tiong said in order to encourage people to report on litterbugs, the council would be providing incentives and keeping their identity confidential.

He added that the council had to set a more stringent punishment and step up on enforcement as previous measures were ineffective in getting the public to stop littering.

“Various standard operating procedures have been put in place and environmental or green programmes have also been initiated by SMC to enhance public civic-consciousness, but these efforts have not succeeded in changing the public’s attitude toward littering,” he lamented.

Because of rampant littering, he said, the council has to incur a high cost to clean up the mess.

The total cost incurred each year was RM15mil for street sweeping, rubbish collection, desludging and maintenance of public landfills.