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Kemaskini Pada: 16 Dis 2018
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Residents: Frequent flash floods due to narrow, shallow drains
Tarikh : 27 Feb 2018  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online

oleh Raymond Tan.

Flash flood at Rambutan Lane following a two-hour downpour on Sunday. Residents there have had to put up with this condition for decades.

SIBU: Residents of Rambutan Lane and Bellian Lane here are lamenting the ‘narrow and shallow’ drains in their respective residential areas which they say are the cause of flash floods during every heavy downpour.

The latest complaints came following a two-hour downpour on Sunday afternoon which inundated the two low-lying areas.

One resident said the drains in question were not blocked, but merely too shallow and small to handle the volume of water during heavy rain.

“The only solution is for larger and deeper drains to be built. That is the only was to save us from flash flooding,” said the resident.

Department of Irrigation and Drainaga (DID) Sibu head Ting Sing Kwong, when
contacted, said a drainage system was already in place at the two areas, and that the Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) was keeping up with the maintenance.

However, he did not mention if plans are afoot to deepen or widen the drains.

SMC engineer Tony Wong, meanwhile, said the council had studied the problem and confirmed the main drains of Sibu town were too small.

He also confirmed there were no drain blockages in the two residential areas.