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Kemaskini Pada: 13 Dis 2018
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Under-utilised platform at Sibu Heritage Centre demolished to facilitate landscaping project
Tarikh : 24 Nov 2017  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online


Pieces of wood from the demolished platform at Sibu Heritage Centre are arranged neatly before they are disposed of.

According to Rogayah, the demolition of the wooden platform is to make way for a landscaping project.

SIBU: The wooden platform at Sibu Heritage Centre is being taken down to make way for a landscaping project, says Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) deputy chairperson Rogayah Jamain.

According to her, the structure built in 2011 has been deemed as being ‘under-utilised’.

“As such, the council has decided to replace it with a landscaping development aimed at beautifying the area,” she said yesterday, adding that the landscaping project would not involve tree-planting.

The demolition works are expected to reach completion by the end of this month.

On a separate subject, residents at Bukit Penyau Road in Salim here are not happy with the presence of many stray dogs scavenging the garbage bins.

In this regard, they suggested recently that SMC would increase the frequency of rubbish collection there.

On this issue, Rogayah said there would be no change to the weekly collection schedule – every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Nevertheless, she assured the residents that SMC Public Health Section would send its dog-catching team to the ground and monitor the situation.