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Kemaskini Pada: 13 Dis 2018
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DID has secured RM8 million for drainage work in Kpg Jeriah
Tarikh : 01 Dec 2017  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online


SIBU: The state Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) has secured RM8 million funding under the 11th Malaysia Plan to carry out drainage improvement works at Kampung Jeriah here.

Its director Chok Moi Soon said the project, under the urban drainage programme, has been awarded to Hock Seng Lee Bhd at a contract sum of RM7,295,469 with the construction period of 18 months, from Dec 18.

“The scope of work comprises improvement of two outlets including one at Permai Garden (3,534 metres) and the construction of RC precast drain; raising 603 metres of road with piled embankment, construction of 11 culverts and construction of one RC check gate,” Chok said when contacted yesterday.

Kampung Jeriah folk were reported in the newspapers to have appealed to the authorities to look into their plight after being hit repeatedly by flash floods all year round.  They said while there had been efforts made to address the problem, flash flood was still a regular occurrence.

Chock said the improvement of drains at Kampung Jeriah, a resettlement area, is a challenge due to the presence of deep peat.

“There is a need to balance between improving the drains to reduce flood and maintaining high water table to reduce the settlement of peat. Many road stretches have sunk below ground level, and they will be raised with piled embankment,” he said.

According to Chok, his department had submitted to the state government for phase 2 of Kampung Jeriah project an allocation of RM12 million under Mid Term Review of the 11MP.

Meanwhile, councillor-in-charge of Jeriah zone Zaiton Abdul Kader, said the SMC had spread gravels at the affected areas in the village on several occasions.

“The total cost of gravels given by SMC to Kampung Jeriah and Seduan Jaya this year was about RM200,000. Despite the gravels, the roads are still sinking as this is a peat area. In the worst affected area, a small boat has been provided to ferry the villagers around,” Zaition said.

She said a special task committee headed by Dr Anita Yusuf from Kampung Jeriah had been set up to monitor the (drainage) project.

Zaition, the committee’s advisor, said they would have their second meeting on Saturday.