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Last Update: 18 Feb 2019
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Confusion as motorists adjust to one-way traffic flow
Posted on : 22 May 2018  Source of News: Borneo Post Online


The new traffic system – a bus coming out from Tuanku Osman Road which has been converted into a one-way street.

SIBU: There was minor confusion among motorists when the one-way traffic system was implemented in Tuanku Osman area here yesterday.

According to Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) deputy chairperson Rogayah Jamain, the public had yet to familiarise themselves with the new traffic flow.

“The one-way traffic system is aimed at easing congestion along the area. Because of the rain last night (Sunday), the arrow signs to indicate the flow could not be drawn.

“Monitoring will be carried out again tomorrow (today). SMC doesn’t foresee any problem with the new traffic flow,” she said.

Rogayah added that SMC’s enforcement staff were deployed to assist the public with the change.

Barricades have also been put up according to the new traffic flow.

On another issue, Rogayah reminded traders at the Ramadan bazaar to keep their stalls clean, maintain cleanliness and good hygiene in food preparation.

“SMC Public Health staff and Divisional Health Office (DHO) are on the ground from time to
time to monitor traders to ensure they follow food handling procedures.

“Traders are also told not to use styrofoam containers,” she added.