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Last Update: 24 Mar 2019
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Roadside stalls for Qing Ming only at designated places
Posted on : 30 Mar 2018  Source of News: The Star Online (Andy Chua)

A flower seller operating from a temporary stall.

A flower seller operating from a temporary stall.

SIBU: Roadside vendors will be allowed to set up shop in conjunction with Qing Ming.

Sibu Municipal Council chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King said only the sale of prayer items like candles and flowers will be allowed. Qing Ming falls on April 5.

Among the permitted areas are along Brooke Drive after Kwong Ann Crescent, the Sungai Merah town area and at the junction of Jalan Deshon and Brooke Drive.

No sale of flowers and related items is allowed anywhere else in the town centre except for the five-foot way in front of florists.

“This is subject to traders making an application and paying the required charges.

“The sellers must also observe cleanliness. All odds and ends should be put in boxes or plastic bags and taken away from the site to be disposed off properly at the end of the trading day,” said Tiong, adding that the council would not hesitate to compound those who flout the regulations.

Meanwhile, a check by StarMetro yesterday showed that a bouquet of flowers is being sold from between RM10 to RM50 depending on the size.

An elderly flower seller who only wanted to be known as Wong, said business had been slow.“I expect it to pick up on the weekend,” she said.

There were a handful of stalls selling the items at the designated places allowed by the council.

During Qing Ming, the Chinese visit the graves of departed loved ones to pay their respects.

Paper items are burnt in a belief that the deceased could “receive” and “use” these items in the netherworld.

Chinese families would visit the graves with offerings 10 days before and 10 days after the actual date.