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Last Update: 18 Feb 2019
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Kaleidoscope of colours at weekend busking
Posted on : 28 May 2018  Source of News: Borneo Post Online


The performance of a troupe member with a blow pipe.

SIBU: The weekend busking outside the former Sibu Municipal Council building at Central Road burst into a kaleidoscope of colours as the troupe from Etnik Revolution put up a show there in conjunction with the pre-Gawai celebration on Saturday.

The basking is a weekly event initiated by Sarawak Tourism Board with Sibu Municipal Council and Sibu Heritage Centre as they invite various local cultural troupes to perform there on weekends to promote tourism.

The two-hour performance last Saturday began at 5pm.

Etnik revolution is a local troupe which won the gold award during the last Borneo Cultural Festival.

It has been invited to China to perform in a Malaysia Night in 2012 .

In the show last Saturday, the six-member troupe performed local cultural music with Sape and other Sarawak cultural musical instruments together with performances of Sarawak cultural dances.

The troupe also invited audience to dance with them.

There were also those who took to the stage to learn the Sarawak native dance.

Among the audience were tourists from West Malaysia some of whom went up on stage to learn from the troupe members, the steps of the native dances.